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Paludibus Stagnensis

Beneficium dare qui nescit, injuste petit

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Augustus Fink-Nottle
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Veni, studui, vixi...

"A thing I never know, when I'm starting out to tell a story about a chap I've told a story about before, is how much explanation to bung in at the outset. It's a problem you've got to look at from every angle. I mean to say, in the present case, if I take it for granted that my public knows all about Gussie Fink-Nottle and just breeze ahead, those publicans who weren't hanging on my lips the first time are apt to be fogged. Whereas if before kicking off I give about eight volumes of the man's life and history, other bimbos who were so hanging will stifle yawns and murmur ‘Old stuff. Get on with it.’

I suppose the only thing to do is to pot the salient facts as briefly as possible in the possession of the first gang, waving an apologetic hand at the second gang the while, to indicate that they had better let their attention wander for a minute or two and I will be with them shortly.

This Gussie, then, was a fish-faced pal of mine who, on reaching man’s estate, had buried himself in the country and devoted himself entirely to the study of newts, keeping the little chaps in a glass tank and observing their habits with a sedulous eye. A confirmed recluse you would have called him, if you had happened to know the word, and you would have been right. By all the rulings of the form book, a less promising prospect for the whispering of tender words into shell-like ears and the subsequent purchase of platinum ring and license for wedding it would have seemed impossible to discover in a month of Sundays. "

PG Wodehouse

"Even at the peak of his form Gussie isn't everybody's dream comrade, and last night, I should imagine, he was low spirited.'
'Very low spirited', said Catsmeat. 'In my early touring days I have sometimes arrived at Southport on a rainy Sunday morning. Gussie gave that same sense of hopeless desolation. He sat there with his lower jaw drooping, goggling at me like a codfish -'
'Gussie,' I explained to Corky, 'has had a lover's tiff with his betrothed.'
'- until after a bit I saw that there was ponly one thing to be done, if I was to survive the ordeal. I told the waiter to bring a magnum and leave it at my elbow. After that things seemed to get better.'
'Gussie, of course, drank orange juice?'
"Throughout,' said Catsmeat with a slight shudder.
'Where did you dine?'
'At the Dorchester.'
'Go anywhere after dinner?'
'Oh, yes.'
'Oh, hither and thither. East Dulwich, Ponder's End, Limehouse -'
'Why Limehouse?'
'Well, I had always wanted to see it, and I may have had some idea of comparing its blues with mine. As to East Dulwich and Ponder's, End I am not sure. Perhaps I heard someone recommend them, or possibly I just felt that the thing to do was to get about and see fresh faces. I had chartered a taxi for the evening and we roamed around, taking the sights. Eventually we fetched up in Trafalgar Square.'
'What time was this?'
'About five in the morning. Have you ever been in Trafalgar square at five in the morning? Very picteresque, that fountain in the first early light of the dawn. It was as we stood on the brink with the sun just beginning to gild the house-tops that I got an idea which I can now see, though it seemed a good one at the time, a mistake.'
'What was that?'
'It struck me as a possibility that there might be newts in the fountain, and konwing how keen Gussie is on newts I advised him to wade in and hunt around.'
'With all his colthes on?'
'Yes, he had his clothes on. I remember noticing.'
'But you can't go wading in the Trafalgar Square fountain with all your clothes on.'
'Yes, you can. Gussie did."

PG Wodehouse

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Social capital

  • less than 10